Monday, 12 September 2011

Campaign update

Summer's over, but the campaign continues. After a knife-edge poll of supporters and activists, we're now called Keep Frome Local, a name likely to usually come with the strap-line No Big Supermarket! There's been yet another flurry of debate in the local media, and we've called for the two supermarket/Saxonvale-related groups to work together in the interests of the town, as well as asking the newly-formed "Frome For All" to make their position on Mendip District Council's long-standing development brief more clear. It's all here.

An illustrative excerpt:

'Luke Wilde said the general consensus of various public meetings was that hundreds of Frome people support the district council's brief on how it wants the site to look. He said: "The brief document involved massive local input, and a lot of hard work. It has been regularly re-approved by the district and town councils since it was first published.

'It meets most of the requirements that Councillor Nick White and Michael Rhodes seem to want; a good range of shops, and the kind of new town centre development they say local people are in favour of." Mr Wilde said the brief does allow for a supermarket, but one of about 16,000sq ft – not the 40,000sq ft proposed by St James Investments.
'He said: "We believe a bigger supermarket would have a catastrophic effect on traders in the centre of Frome, and bring massive problems with traffic. The brief is supported by Independents for Frome councillors such as deputy mayor Pippa Goldfinger, Peter Macfadyen and Graham Burgess. This position also seems shared by Liberal Democrats district councillors, including Sam Phripp."'
Regular updates will now return.




  3. "Regular updates will now return." Really! The luvvy a-hole[s] running (away from) this blog/campaign has a sick idea of what "regular" implies.