Saturday, 14 May 2011

URGENT - Looks like Tesco is on the move

We understand that over the next few days, the property agent Kings Sturge - acting on behalf of the Notts Industry Pension Fund, owners of a sizeable share of the Saxonvale site - are likely to enter into a contract with one of Tesco's developers, presumably St James Investments.
So... it looks like Tesco is on the move!  

There'll be an urgent meeting at 7.30pm Monday 16th May at the Roundtower, Black Swan Arts, 2 Bridge St BA11 1BB for anyone who wants to actively campaign against a big Tesco. See you there!


  1. This is the same day as full council at Mendip so none of the councillors will be there. :S

  2. urgency dictates that we have to go ahead. But they're in the loop.

  3. Could we make sure that discussion regarding the adjacent SWRDA owned site is also covered. We may lose our hard-won training centre imminently when the land sale goes ahead. See

    Where did the information come from?

  4. See also Frome Town Council meeting tonight at The Assembly Rooms - Saxonvale and sale of SWRDA site is on the agenda - see

  5. At last I am looking forward to some life coming back to this dead town decent shops attract more decent shops, which attract people which attract spenders. ;o)