Monday, 7 March 2011

Important meeting on Wednesday

This Wednesday 9th March, 9am -8pm in the Cheese and Grain, Mendip District Council is running a consultation on the draft Mendip Core Strategy to 2026.  We encourage you to go along and to press them to change the draft document so that it specifies the maximum size of any foodstore at Saxonvale.
At the last public meeting, John Meeker of Mendip District Council highlighted the importance of the forthcoming consultation on the Mendip Core Strategy. That is now upon us. The council’s newssheet ‘Your Mendip’ came through your letter box recently and contains a high level overview of the strategy. The detail is available at the information point in the library and on the Council’s home page and online feedback can be provided here 
This is an important document as it sets the framework for development in the town and its surroundings until 2026. It contains an expectation of a ‘small/medium foodstore’ on Saxonvale. The sense from the last public meeting was that people miss Somerfield in the Westway precinct and would like to see a similar or slightly larger foodstore return to the town centre at Saxonvale or elsewhere. The current M&S is about 12,000sqft or 1,200sqmeters, ASDA about 65,000sqft / 6,500 sqm. We believe that to avoid any misunderstanding, it is necessary to specify what is meant by small/medium ie a foodstore of 10 – 15,000sq ft.

We encourage you to visit the Cheese and Grain on Wednesday  to press home this point to the Council representatives.

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